Old Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Challenge mode: I’m going to write this post without referencing Castlevania and/or Alucard. Think I can do it? (Let’s be honest here, I give it a couple paragraphs before I fold) 2018 has been a long, hard year. I look back on it, and things that happened this January seem so far away, they may…Read More

When Fiction Mirrors Reality

Okay, so I’m going to get super nerdy and personal simultaneously… And this might be a bit of a lengthy ramble, so bear with me. Also, if you have not seen Castlevania season 2 on Netflix and do not want spoilers, READ NO FURTHER. First off, when this little vampire anime popped up on my…Read More

Circle x 2018

We went back to the Circle x Grotto in September; it’s really interesting to see the changes that 8 years has brought since we visited last. Also, we were musing about how funny it was that I’ve never been to the grotto with long hair!

Alucard (Castlevania)

Pictures of my Alucard cosplay, taken September 2018 in Big Bear, California.

Responsibilities of Being a Parent

Simply creating a child doesn’t automatically make you a parent. Congratulations, you had sex and got pregnant. Good job. That’s just the beginning. I don’t know any perfect parents. Everyone has flaws, everyone has problems, and there’s no instruction manual for raising a tiny human. There’s no flawless, surefire way to know you won’t screw…Read More

Happy (Belated) Pride Month!

It’s hard to believe that given an entire month, I couldn’t find time to make this post, sheesh. Between volunteering for the Special Olympics, finishing up my latest costume commission, and preparing for Anime Expo, I just found myself too swamped to do much of anything else. But anyway, on to the topic of this…Read More

East Fork Nudes

Some artistic nudes in the forest

Playing with sharp objects

Swords, Arrows and other weapons

Trading Places

This was shoot from a while back, I wanted to pose with a male model, something I hadn’t done before. The project was kind of two fold. I wanted to shoot something really artsy and Vogue like, with the lines and playing with body shapes. Secondly, I also wanted to highlight the differences in gendered posing, which Humberto was a very good sport about. I never liked how female models are always posed very demurely, and “oh look at me, I’m such a fragile flower”, whereas male models are always “Look at me, strong manly man with muscles”. So for several of the photos, we swapped places to have the manly man become the fragile flower, and I got to be the tough chick over his shoulder. My favorite shot is actually the one in color, with me starting deadpan into the camera like, “gender roles are stupid.” Because they are.