When Fiction Mirrors Reality

Okay, so I’m going to get super nerdy and personal simultaneously… And this might be a bit of a lengthy ramble, so bear with me. Also, if you have not seen Castlevania season 2 on Netflix and do not want spoilers, READ NO FURTHER. First off, when this little vampire anime popped up on my…Read More

Responsibilities of Being a Parent

Simply creating a child doesn’t automatically make you a parent. Congratulations, you had sex and got pregnant. Good job. That’s just the beginning. I don’t know any perfect parents. Everyone has flaws, everyone has problems, and there’s no instruction manual for raising a tiny human. There’s no flawless, surefire way to know you won’t screw…Read More

Happy (Belated) Pride Month!

It’s hard to believe that given an entire month, I couldn’t find time to make this post, sheesh. Between volunteering for the Special Olympics, finishing up my latest costume commission, and preparing for Anime Expo, I just found myself too swamped to do much of anything else. But anyway, on to the topic of this…Read More

Mikasa Ackerman bloody - Attack on Titan

The Old Site

You may have been redirected here unexpectedly from the old membership site. The reason is that the host, modelcentro, feels it is ok to put adult material on the sites whenever they want. Their response to our complaint was to change the title bar of the site to something entirely inappropriate. We can’t tolerate their…Read More

From a shoot at White Point, San Pedro California on a rainy day.

Skewed Ideas on Modeling

  Some people have some very funny definitions of “modeling”. When I say I’m a model, in some it conjures images of glamorous red carpets, perfect hair and eating next to nothing. Others think of porn. Either way, I’m an air-headed girl that is just meant to stand around and look pretty. I am an…Read More

Little Black Dress - Fashion shoot at the Angel's Flight Railway - Downtown Los Angeles California

I am not a coat hanger

So occasionally I read articles on yahoo during work, when I’m done with my tasks. Today I read one about Israel putting limitations on fashion models’ weight requirements, and down in the comments section one person put the rather philosophical, in-depth comment of “Whatever. Models are just clothes-hangers anyway. Skinny little things you hang clothes…Read More

Scarlet Letter - Implied nude Inspired by the movie 'Easy A"

Let’s talk, Shall we?

Scarlet Letter or Easy A Let’s take a minute to discuss nude modeling. What is your opinion on it? Positive? Negative? Neutral? Where is the line between artistic and pornographic? The reason I ask about this is fairly simple. Well, not really. I don’t know. Recently, someone in my life- someone who shall go unnamed-…Read More

Maria Theresa at the Huntington Library

Maria Theresa at the Huntington Library

Hetalia Rant

The historical figures of Hetalia need more love! (And I feel really bad for those of you who don’t follow me because of Hetalia, because you must get irritated by my constant spam of anime stuff) But seriously. For a series about history, the actual people portrayed in it are grossly unappreciated. A lot of…Read More